Application for Domain Name Registration

(For .com.pg .net.pg .gov.pg. org.pg .ac.pg and mil.pg)

Complete the application form

Fill up the Domain Name Registration Form

Wait 48hrs for Approval

Wait for the next two days after submitting the form.

Gets approved

You will receive and email for the confirmation about your approved application.

Notes on the completion of form DNS1.1

  1. Complete Sections A-B of the application (ALL Typed). Print and sign on Section C, then send Pages 2 and 3 by post to PNG Internet Name Service, ICT Services, UNITECH, PMB, Lae, Papua New Guinea. To speed up processing of the application ISPs may fax or email a copy together with a copy of the cheque, to one of the above fax numbers and email address.
  2. All applications must be accompanied with a first time registration fee and a bi-annual renewal fee as follows will be invoiced during subsequent years. The fees structure is devised on a non-profit basis and is subject to annual review. It is designed to compensate the expenses of maintaining and administering the Domain Name Services for Papua New Guinea.
Domain Type Registration Renewal - bi-annual
.com.pg .net.pg
.gov.pg .mil.pg .org.pg .ac.pg
Payment by Cheque or eBanking Note
Write your domain name on the deposi
Account Number: 0011188172
form when banking. Example:
Bank: Kina Bank
“atax.com.pg registration / renewal”
BSB #: 028111
Swift Code: KINIPGPG
Send a copy of deposit-slip to fax no. 475
Branch: LAE, Morobe Province
7776 or email dns@pnguot.ac.pg.
  1. There shall be only one registered name per business. Any further requirements, must be justified directly to the DNS administrator at PNGUoT for approval. A registration fee of K300.00 will apply to all additional Domain Name Registrations.
  2. It is not acceptable to change domain name which has already been registered. In this case, applicants need to de-register old domain name and register new name.
  3. All domain names should adhere to the following format: A Domain Name must be less than 63 characters and 4 or more characters long. NO underscores, hyphens, spaces, commas, full stops, slashes or punctuation marks or any kind, are allowed in the beginning or end of the name. It should be noted that full stops are used strictly to divide the domain to sub-domains. Therefore the use of full stops must be restricted for this purpose only and cannot be used as part of a domain name.
  4. Please ensure that at least two name servers are listed on Section B (you may list three or more if you wish) and that records for the name you wish to register exist in the zone files on both the primary and secondary name server. No applications will be processed until these names are visible on the Internet.
  5. The declaration section must be completed by the company / individual applying for the domain name.

.COM.PG Domain Name Registration

    Application for Domain Name Registration

    Section A: Contact details

    Administrative Contact Person

    Same Details with Technical Contact Person

    Technical Contact Person